May 2018

jupiter Governs two zodiac Signs Sagittarius & Pisces

jupiter planet  is the preceptor of Gods and believes in doing well all the time. Jupiter being the largest planet tends to expands things. Wherever it sits wherever it aspects in a chart things tend to grow. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, wisdom, expansion, religion, philosophy, spirituality, law, fortune, children and husband in female …

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mercury planet

mercury planet is the smallest yet one of the most important planets in astrology as it has a major role in our lives. Since Mercury was born to the great legendary Moon and Jupiter, it is blessed with two qualities of imagination and wisdom. Mercury stands for speech, debate, logical confrontation, new ideas, putting the …

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aaj ka panchang

Aaj ka panchang   In Hinduism, Muhurta is definitely seen before doing anything auspicious. Actually, it is believed that Panchang must be seen before any auspicious work. Panchang can be called an ancient Hindu calendar.  They are the five major organs – Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, Karan and Var. Which day is so auspicious and how inauspicious, …

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Career Planning with astrology

Career Planning with astrology  Each individual is accountable for building her or his own career. Everyone is looking to earn living. Job and career planning’s goal is to develop strategic plan according to the talents, aspirations and background of one, causing a personal and professional life. Career planning involves identifying your decisions, and forming occupation …

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brihaspati by astrologer in india abhishek soni

brihaspati horoscope and astrology. It is also considered one of the largest planet within the solar system. Another most significant name is Dev Guru Brihaspati’.brihaspati Jupiter represents gold, knowledge, education, son, teacher, wisdom, protector, growth and expansion, guardian of abstract mind, writers, speakers, religions, expressions, philosophy, spiritual thought, learning and development, long-distance travel, ethical and …

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