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All you should know about Zodiac Signs and  their Gemstones

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Gemstone as the name suggests are the Gems of cosmic energy which are used to influence any native when it wears.  In Vedic Astrology science, Gemstones are also called as Navratnas or Ratnas which means each nine planet has specific characteristic bestowed upon by Navagrahas on the earth.

In fact in Vedic Astrology, Rishi and Munis have discussed the importance and significance of Gemstones in Garud Purana and Agni Purana and how it brings prosperity and changes in native’s life.

In Astrology every planet is associated with particular zodiac sign and every zodiac sign is associated with particular Gemstone. However when to wear a particular Gemstone is decided by positions of planets if different houses in natives horoscope and by consulting expert astrologer only.

Following are the nine planets and their association with nine Gemstone respect to each zodiac Sign

Lord Planet Zodiac Sign or Rashi Day Metal or Dhaatu Gemstone Finger to Wear
Sun or Surya Leo or Singha Sunday or Raviwar Gold or Sona Ruby or Manik Ring (Aanamika)
Chandra or Moon Cancer or Karka Monday or Somwar Silver or Chandi White Pearl or Moti Little (Kanistha)
Mars or Mangal Aries or Mesh

Scorpio or Vishchik

Tuesday or Mangalwar Gold/Silver Red Coral Moonga Ring (Aanamika)
Mercury or Budh Gemini or Mithun – Virgo  Kanya Wednesday or Budwar Gold/Silver Emerald or Panna Little (Kanistha)
Guru or Brishapati Dhanu or Sagittarius

Pisces and Meen

Thursdsay or Guruwar Gold Yellow Sapphire or Phukraj Index (Tarjani)
Venus or Shukra Taurus or Vrishba

Libra or Tula


Friday or Shukrawar Gold Diamond or Heera Ring


Saturn or Shani Makar or Capricorn

Aquarius or Kumbha

Saturday or Shaniwar Gold Blue Sapphire or Neelam Middle (Madhyama)
Rahu     Silver Gomed or Hessonite Middle (Madhyama)
Ketu     Silver Cats eye or Lahsuniya Middle


Gemstone Astrological Facts and Figures

  • Consult expert astrologer for wearing any Gemstone
  • Each Gemstone has its own weight in carat and cents
  • Each Gemstone should be set according to recommended weight and metal
  • Avoid wearing any defective Gemstone
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