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13 Nov
saturn ring
The Toughest Transit Of Saturn In 2020, Know If This Transit Is Favourable For You?
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Table of Contents The Saturn Transition Effect For Capricorn: Effects On Finances:The Saturn Transition Effect For Libra :Patience Is The Key : The Saturn Transition Effect...
09 Nov
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You Must Know This Time Is Turning Point In Love Life For These Zodiacs….
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  Table of Contents     Today we will discuss your love life, what star says about your love life…… Aries: Today will be a superior day for adoration connection...
05 Nov
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Sun Is A Harmful Planet Too
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The Sun is the first house’s natural karaka and represents self-identity, individual self-expression, following personal inspirations, vitality, power, leadership, and fig...
27 Oct
Are You Depressed? Top Tips To Getting Rid of Depression
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Would you think that you are weak and powerless? Like bad things are happening and you can’t do much about it? Is it impossible for your situation?  Depression is a m...
23 Oct
What Is Nakshatra And Importance Of Rohini Nakshatra In Astrology?
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Table of Contents Nakshatra :Rohini Nakshatra & It’s Astrological Value :Special Characteristics Of Rohini Nakshatra:Main Planet Ruling Rohini Nakshatra -Moon  Na...
04 Oct
Top Vastu Tips To Achieve Heights In Career
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Vastu Shastra is the study of adjusting energies, consequently, at the end of the day, in the event that you’re living in a Vastu agreeable home, at that point it’s ...
01 Oct
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Make The Most Of Astrology By Following The Transit Of God Of War “MARS”
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The unsuitable, spunky and mighty planet Earth son Mars can enter the Virgo zodiac on the morning of 25 Sep, wherever he can combine with the already seated  Sun, Mercury, ...
27 Sep
Are You Terrified Of Planet Saturn?
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Saturn is the planet practically any schoolchild will perceive, on account of its delightful rings. It’s not by any means the only planet with a ring framework, yet its ri...
25 Sep
10 Ways to Save a Struggling Marriage
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Dealing with a relationship has never been simple, and in the present high-stress condition, things have turned out to be considerably increasingly troublesome. Here are 10 dubi...
23 Sep
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Will Planet Saturn’s Transit In Sagittarius And Effect On Share Market Ever Rule The World?
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As Shani Dev’s Sagittarius zodiac sign was active, the thinking of the govt turned positive and also the movement of the exchange also modified and therefore the market af...