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19 Sep
sun transition
The Sun transition in Virgo, what will be the effect on Virgo & remaining zodiac signs?
Category: Astrologer Abhishek soni, sun
Soothsaying considers the planet Sun as the leader of this whole universe. It is hard to envision the presence of people without the nearness of the Sun since its vitality is th...
17 Sep
Rudraksha Plays Major Role In Science & Astrology
Category: astrology, rudraksha
Rudraksha is shaped by the relationship of two words, “Rudra” and “Akash” Rudra is the name of Lord Shiva. Akash signifies “Tear”. It is said...
14 Sep
Will Priyanka Shine Again?
Category: Business, Numerology
Priyanka Chopra is an Indian film entertainer and vocalist, and the champ of the Miss World show of 2000, who has turned out to be one of Bollywood’s most generously compe...
10 Sep
Does Rahu Brings Badluck In Horoscope?
Category: Ketu Jupiter, Rahu Ketu
Rahu is a reference point in the sky, not a real planet like Sun or Mercury. Regardless of not having real physical nearness, its effect is profound and incredible. Rahu represe...
09 Sep
How Jupiter Is Related To Success In Astrology
Category: Ketu Jupiter, mercury
In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered as Guru (Teacher) of all Devta Planets (Sun, Moon, Mars). Jupiter has consistently been related to development and extension. In folklo...
06 Sep
love marriage
Which Planet Is In-Charge Of Love Marriages
Category: Lagna Chart, wedding
The seventh house in your horoscope is associated with marriage. The planet that encourages marriage is Venus. In everybody’s horoscope, the rundown of favorable planets i...
05 Sep
How Pyramids Are Useful For Vastu Corrections
Category: My Predictions, Pyramid Vastu, Va...
Pyramids are probably the biggest man-made developments made a huge number of years back and still stand tall as one of the most extreme Wonders of the planet. The pyramid compr...
03 Sep
Do You Know Mercury Plays A Major Role In Horoscope.?
Category: mercury, Planets in Houses
In Vedic Astrology, planet Mercury is called as ‘Budh’ and decides over that part of the mind which allows us to choose, separate, reason, balanced and controls our ...
01 Sep
Significance of gemstone in modern science
Category: Gemstones, My Predictions
GEMSTONE : A gemstone (additionally called a diamond, fine pearl, gem, valuable stone, or semi-valuable stone) is a bit of mineral precious stone which, in cut and cleaned struc...
31 Aug
saturn transit
Effect of Saturn Transit in 2020
Category: planetary transit, saturn transit
Saturn: The Hard Task Master is going to change its position to Capricorn on 24th January 2020. Saturn is considered to be the son of Lord Sun and his wife Chhaya. He is really ...