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top ten benefits of astrology

Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs and natural phenomena. It is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to provide insight into various aspects of life, such as personal relationships, career, health, and spirituality. In this article, we will explore the top ten benefits of astrology.

  1. Self-awareness:

One of the primary benefits of astrology is self-awareness. By understanding your birth chart, you can gain insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential challenges. This knowledge can help you make better decisions and navigate life more effectively.

  1. Relationship compatibility:

Astrology can help you understand the dynamics of your relationships with others. By comparing your birth chart with another person’s chart, you can gain insight into the compatibility of your personalities and potential challenges in the relationship. This knowledge can help you build stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

  1. Career guidance:

Astrology can provide guidance and insight into your career path. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the potential opportunities and challenges in your chart, you can make better decisions about your career path and find a fulfilling and successful career.

  1. Timing of events:

Astrology can help you determine the timing of significant events in your life. By analyzing the positions of the planets and their transits, you can gain insight into the best times to start a new venture, make important decisions, or pursue a new relationship.

  1. Healing and wellness:

Astrology can provide insight into your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. By understanding the astrological influences on your health and wellness, you can take steps to improve your well-being and prevent potential health issues.

  1. Decision making:

Astrology can provide valuable insight into decision making. By understanding the potential outcomes and challenges associated with different choices, you can make better decisions that align with your values and goals.

  1. Personal growth and development:

Astrology can help you understand your potential for personal growth and development. By understanding the challenges and opportunities in your chart, you can focus on areas that need improvement and work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

  1. Spiritual guidance:

Astrology can provide spiritual guidance by helping you understand your spiritual path and purpose. By understanding the influences of the planets and their significance in your chart, you can gain insight into your spiritual journey and connect with your higher self.

  1. Business success:

Astrology can provide insight into business success by helping you understand the potential challenges and opportunities in your chart. By understanding the astrological influences on your business, you can make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities to grow and succeed.

  1. Overcoming challenges:

Astrology can help you overcome challenges by providing insight into potential obstacles and their causes. By understanding the underlying influences in your chart, you can develop strategies to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

In conclusion, astrology can provide numerous benefits in various aspects of life. By understanding your birth chart and the astrological influences on your life, you can gain insight into your personality, relationships, career, health, and spirituality. Astrology can help you make better decisions, grow and develop personally and spiritually, and overcome challenges to achieve success and fulfillment in life.



What happens when Saturn Mahadasha starts?

Saturn Mahadasha starts is for the19 years. It is the most challenging or difficult period of a person’s life. The native feels a continuous decline in health, professional and interpersonal relationships. No matter how hard the person might try, no matter how much effort he puts in, things will not go in his favor. The native feels insulted and humiliated. He is not able to achieve anything he sets his mind to. The native is intelligent, sharp and has everything in the world to be successful, but the circumstances are so negative that the native cannot make any progress.

Mahadasha is an important period of time when certain planets are in certain signs and houses of a horoscope. These periods can last anywhere between 2-7 years. The period of time as per astrology when we see a planet in its mahadasha is said to cause changes in a person’s life and often times brings up new opportunities. Therefore, when Saturn mahadasha comes, we see how the worst of people turn good and toil hard to achieve their goals. The period can be very tough for people, who are under its influence. In normal life, when we see bad people turn into good, we call it a miracle. In astrology, we call it mahadasha of planet Saturn.

What happens when Saturn Mahadasha starts? Saturn is generally considered a malefic planet. It rules over delays, obstruction, discipline, limitations, career and structure. Depending on the sign it occupies in a chart and the house and sign it occupies in the Mahadasha, it can bring about positive or negative results. For example, if Saturn occupies the 10th house in a horoscope and the 10th house is governed by the sign Libra, then Saturn will bring about career related problems and delays. On the other hand, if the 10th house is governed by the sign of Aries, then Saturn will bring fortune to the individual.

How is Saturn in the 8th house?

This is an excellent question. Saturn is the planet of self-limiting beliefs and Karma. Because his placement in the 8th house will be self-limiting, Saturn in the 8th house person will have a lot of trouble earning money. Saturn in the 8th will have all sorts of naysayers and people who will try to pull them down, so they will have to be careful with money and make sure they are not taken advantage of.

Saturn is a malefic planet, but when placed in the 8th house, it gives a lot of good results. Saturn placed in the 8th house will give good results in the following cases: If the 8th house is also occupied by benefic like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury, then Saturn will give a gain of wealth, longevity and reputation. Saturn will present good results even when it is in a debilitated or combustible state. Saturn will give good results in the following cases:

Saturn is the planet of restriction. In general, it symbolizes obstacles, limitations, discipline and structure. In the 8th house, Saturn represents the financial difficulties, blocked resources and issues related to theft. Saturn’s position in the 8th house determines how people manage their own finances and saves money. In general, Saturn’s placement in the 8th house is not favorable. It indicates that you have to earn a lot, though you might be discouraged initially.

Sure Signs of a Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage: What’s the Difference!

Sure Signs of a Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage: What’s the Difference!

The typical perception of an arranged marriage is that the couple has never met before their wedding day. That’s not always the case, especially if they’re from the same culture. More often than not, marriages are arranged by parents or other relatives to make sure that there’s a certain level of compatibility between the two individuals. The typical perception of love marriage is that the couple decides to marry after meeting and knowing one another for some time, usually through dating. They may know each other for years before deciding to tie the knot.

But what separates these two types of marriages? Let’s take a look at some common differences between them to see how they compare!

Differences in the process of arranging a marriage

Many couples today opt for love marriages rather than arranged marriages. The process of arranging a marriage is typically started with one family member. That person will usually talk to the other family members about the potential union and see how they feel about it. If everyone agrees, then arrangements can be made for the couple to meet for the first time on their wedding day. This is different from a love marriage because in this type of marriage, both parties are familiar with one another before they get married. The two may have met through friends or work or even social media before deciding that they want to be together romantically.

The reasons for an arranged marriage

One of the biggest differences between arranged and love marriage is the reasons for the marriage. Arranged marriages are typically made because parents or other relatives want to make sure that there’s a certain level of compatibility between the two individuals. Love marriages are usually made because one or both spouses have known each other for some time, usually through dating, and they feel an emotional connection or romantic attraction to one another.

The reasons for a love marriage

One of the main reasons for love marriage is that the couple often feels deeply in love with one another. Love marriages are often characterized by intense romantic feelings, which play a key role in the decision to marry. The other major reason for these types of marriages is that both individuals want to sacrifice their independence and give it up for someone else.

Things to consider before choosing either one.

An arranged marriage is a more formal process. There’s a lot of discussion between the two families about how to make sure they’re on the same page and there are some discussions about how to make the marriage work for both parties. It’s not typically something people would do on a whim. In most cases, the two people have been acquainted before their wedding day and know one another from around town. They’re not strangers who just met for the first time that day, but they may have just started talking more seriously in recent months or weeks.

Love marriage can be a little more spontaneous. People may meet and start dating quickly before deciding if their relationship is going anywhere serious enough to get married–or they might have met back when they were kids and decided to reunite later in life! It doesn’t tend to be a long-term process, but instead a quick decision between two people with feelings for each other.

What are the good characteristics of Saturn?

This way understand the effect of Saturn on every house…

1- Saturn in the 1st house i.e.

If is in the first house i.e. in the ascendant of the horoscope in your horoscope and is in an auspicious position. So that person lives like a king. That is, his life remains full of Aishwarya. He also has social and political status and that person is also equipped with leadership qualities. Such a person should avoid the consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food and if he survives then Shani will give very positive results in his life.

2- 2nd ie wealth house Saturn in 2nd house:

If sitting in the second house in the horoscope, then that person is considered to be very intelligent, kind, and just. He is also of spiritual and religious nature. This way

3-  in 3rd house i.e. mighty house:

In the third house in the horoscope, that person is self-made, that is, on his own and on the basis of his struggle, he achieves a position in life and such a person is seen with a lot of respect in the society. He also gets a lot of female happiness. If Saturn is sitting in an inauspicious position in the third house, then that person becomes very lazy and his tendency also becomes very low level.

4- Happiness/mother’s house Saturn in 4th house:

sitting in the fourth house of the horoscope is not considered very auspicious. It gives some health issues. Such people are sometimes deprived of even building a house in life. This place also belongs to the mother and there is some trouble for the mother too.

5- intellect Saturn in 5th house:

Sitting in the fifth house of the horoscope makes a person very mystic. That is, that person does not reveal his secrets nor does he share his feelings with others. He does not care much for his wife and children and does not have a very good image even among friends.

What is the most dangerous house for Saturn?

Planet Saturn (Shani) and its effects on different houses of Astrology: dangerous house for Saturn?

We all know that our horoscope is influenced by nine planets and the most influential of these nine planets is Saturn. Apart from this, Shani has also been considered as the judge in our texts, that is, according to the deeds, this planet gives fruit. The position and house of the planets in our horoscope decide the happiness and sorrow in our life. In such a situation, it is very important to know what kind of results Saturn gives us in which house. dangerous house for Saturn?

Saturn in 1st house

The first house of the horoscope, which is also called the Lagan. It indicates the physical shape of a person, his nature, and his personality. In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant is said to be the soul of a person. It is believed that by looking at the Ascendant in the birth chart, the qualities, demerits, early life of the person, happiness and sorrows coming in his life, leadership power of the person, and his self-confidence can be ascertained. Shani has the position of judge among all the planets. Know what kind of results it gives to the native when Shani (Shani) is situated in the first house. dangerous house for Saturn?

It is said about Shani situated in the first house of the horoscope that such a person is king-like in nature, stubborn, determined, and to some extent indifferent. This position of Saturn shows the struggle in the initial days of the life of the person, but as the age of the person increases, the person continues to grow on the path of progress.

It has been said about Shani situated in the first house that the enemies of such people have destroyed themselves, no matter how strong they are, but they can never win over the person. When Saturn is in the first house of the horoscope, the leadership ability in the person is full of code, due to which the person can also be the head of any village, city, or institution. dangerous house for Saturn?

In Vedic astrology, it is said about Shani situated here that it makes a person crooked and lazy. Such a person wastes both his time and money by getting caught in useless controversies. This position of Shani also reveals the possibility of many types of Vata-borne diseases to the native.



Saturn within the eleventh house

Saturn within the eleventh house issues itself additionally with blackmailing, smuggling, hoarding, profiteering, seizure for ransom, Failure of Marriage, or alternative functions.

Saturn within the eleventh home is honest support in matters of politics and exploit power by truthful or foul suggests that. owing to a smart level of financial gain, these people typically create money contributions or indirect resources to politicians. If Saturn is extremely sturdy within the eleventh house and has the support of Sun or Mars, the individual assumes the role of a king-maker at punchayet level, district or county level, state level, or maybe at the national level.

In this context, it’s to be noted that once Saturn is lord of the twelfth or the first house and is occupying the eleventh house. it should be a lot of or less taken without any consideration that the individual would encash each particle of cash spent on politicians or on influencing politics, be it by truthful or crooked suggests and strategies.

These people square measure daring, brave, daring, and dashing while not a lot of concern, whether or not it’s in personal fight and combat, cluster fighting, or fighting for the state or nation. They prove economical defense strategists and knowledgeable in developing helpful ordnance assemblage. they create competent police or security officers, however rarely of high integrity.

If these people square measure within the field of trade or producing, they’re continually keen to take advantage of the labor force and at an equivalent time to extract higher worth for his or her product or manufacture. If necessary’ they’ll do this by deteriorating the standard, mischief in amount or adulteration, etc., applying every kind of crude strategy.

When Saturn Aspecting eleventh House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- Saturn side on the eleventh house offer all quite prosperity and wealth from multiple supplies as well as from government once thirty-seven years mature. The natives can own lands, properties and can additionally earn wealth from mercantilism property further from agriculture and agricultural product. The natives can have their own business and it’ll grow slowly and bit by bit and can offer native good earning.

The native also will earn well from jobs and services. Saturn’s side on the eleventh house offers few however trustworthy friends. The native can have some complications with their elder relation further however could earn cash from their facilities. Saturn’s side on the eleventh house offers tremendous growth in money prosperity in maturity.

The goods and therefore the dangerous

  • When the bully Saturn is within the eleventh house of secret needs and dreams, folks with this placement can push to create their goals a reality.
  • They won’t have things the straightforward approach and typically want they’re heading obscurity. However, they’ll keep going as a result of Saturn is concerning delays, not concerning jilting.
  • People with Saturn in eleventh house square measure undoubtedly able to face all the challenges this planet needs them to confront and will take a short while to urge to the line with their objectives, however, their efforts can receive tremendous rewards, you’ll make certain of that.
  • When it involves friendships, they like older folks and have even spent their time with adolescents as youngsters.
  • They presumably don’t have too several true friends, however, this isn’t one thing negative in their life, it’s simply that they have a tendency to discriminate and pay shut attention with whom they’re associating themselves.
  • Having a variety of inventive ideas, they’ll wish to check their own ideas on folks. These natives merely like to brainstorm and to make your mind up along with their friends what works best.
  • They’ll be appreciated for his or her approach of thinking and resourcefulness, however, all this for certain suggests that they have to urge along with folks from several areas of life.
  • That’s why they’ll realize it tough to be members of just one cluster and to stay thereto community. they ought to simply keep some folks around them and find involved larger teams once desperate to discuss their ideas.
  • This way, they will be as individualistic as they need to be. Compromising their add-on to giant groupings will typically be the right answer for his or her issues.
  • While Saturn being a gift within the eleventh house makes them wish to run aloof from everything standard, they ought to find out how to understand the worth.
  • They’re afraid of failing, that makes them avoid projecting to just one plan and may agglomerate their agenda with too several things to think about.
  • These folks ought to watch their Saturn as a result of it will forestall them from obtaining what they need in life.
  • They don’t wish to ever choose from folks, things, or things, whether or not it’s concerning their skilled or personal life, as a result of this makes them feel tied all the way down to what they’ve selected for the remainder of their life.
  • Saturn in eleventh house folks squares measure aware choices place them on an explicit path and that they for certain don’t wish to traumatize an equivalent thing of a selection they’ve created, everywhere once more.
  • All this will have them while not a passion in life and running while not an explicit direction. Their potential is superb, therefore the bravery to work out what they need becomes a necessity.

Jupiter and Saturn is conjunct in Capricorn in 2020

Saturn and Jupiter in Astrology will cure any kind of problems. As Jupiter is more masculine it takes on a more active role and Saturn takes more a nurturing or a feeling side of nature. They are the opposition in many aspects of your life. For example, the man who becomes more physical becomes more emotional, and the emotional man will end up feeling lonely when there are no physical things to fill the void.

With this planet combination if you have a patient who gets better than expected you will feel the relief of “being all in one”. It is said that Saturn takes more of a healing effect and Jupiter takes a strengthening one. It is possible to grow stronger in a place where you feel that you are starting to feel a little weak, with the same moon and planet combination. That is very therapeutic and productive for both the individual and the environment. While you are being healed by this, do not forget to take care of yourself and spend some time socializing.

Saturn also brings more harmony to your life. Saturn has a slower effect on people who are drawn to more spirited personalities. While on the other hand, Saturn brings a much softer touch to people who seek more harmony and balance in their lives. These two characteristics will help you to promote self-confidence and love. If you find yourself becoming very skeptical about your ability to remain positive, do not let that discourage you. Start taking your own efforts and achievements as positive signs. What you are doing is encouraging yourself to be encouraged in all that you do.

Ketu Mahadasha destroy a Career

Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha the most serious Desu. This is influenced by the type of fruit that Kundalini produces. It is a misconception that Ketu usually bears more than bad fruit. While Ketu Desi, a person will also carry positive results.

Ketu County usually lasts seven years. If the Sun and Jupiter remain in the horoscope or become positive to a person during this office, that person will achieve incredible results and success. If Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are in a negative state or in the same random horoscope, Ketu will have a very negative impact.

Depending on the position, according to Ketu astrology, Ketu is in a good position in a person’s horoscope. Even the best planets are in a positive state. When they join a union, a person gets a name, glory, and abundance in life.

Ketu MahaDesha is not so happy to visit other centers. For example, if the Ketu is in the 7th house of a person’s horoscope or in a house, there is no harmony in that person’s family life. Disputes between spouses over less work can sometimes lead to a divorce. Even if the Ketu is in the 5th house, the child is cared for separately. Otherwise, it is said that the child is far from the parents.

Does Ketu Dasha destroy a career?

Ketu Mahadasha is faced with a career struggle because you have to work very hard to get the results you want and the results are not quick and you have to wait long until you work hard. If Ketu is in the 10th house, his career may be interrupted. Immediately, as residents may lose their jobs for a few months and more He may have experienced a sudden change in his career which is also related to Mahadasa. There may also be workplace conflicts that affect distance with coworkers. This can lead to conflicts in your career relationships, which can lead to more emotional and psychological stress.

Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha

  • On weekends you can wear at least four carats of cat-eye silver on your little finger. In the morning, dip the ring in water with Ganga or cow’s milk and perform the ritual of worship with the mantra.
  • Ketu will benefit from taking the nine Mukhi Rudrakshas he encounters as a trailer. The poor position of the Ketu has a positive effect when wearing the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Placing the Ketu idol in getting the puja universe will help you in eliminating the negative results from Ketu mahadasha.

When Ketu is placed in the 1st house

Ketu In first House/ Lagna/ Ascendant Love, Career, wedding In Horoscope/ Kundli:

Ketu In First House/1st House Personality: Ketu isn’t an associated actual planet however a shadow planet that represents a node of the moon that’s the south node of the moon. On one aspect, Ketu identifies itself to destiny, causes the results of the deeds or work god or unhealthy you performed in a past life, and on the opposite aspect, it implies or signifies spirituality, liberation, and find out mystery over occult science and different mysteries of life.

It is the world of detachment; it takes away comforts of life and opulent things for the larger sense of soul looking out. Hindu deity stands for materialistic wishes whereas Ketu is all regarding purifying soul and detachment and liberation from the outer glitters, luxury, and materialistic happiness of life. once negative, Ketu will cause mental disorders, psychic tendencies, lunatic activities, anxiety, strain, criminal mental attitude, etc.

Ketu In Lagna Love, Career, Marriage

The results of Ketu in Ascendant or first house(Lagna) varies from person to person attributable to totally different|completely different} signs within the first house of various individuals having identical planet Ketu in Lagna; as attributable to different lordship because of amendment of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign up Lagna or first house to Pisces sign up Lagna or first house. we should always conjointly check the sign, aspects, conjunction, and nakshatra constellation for prolific and careful correct prediction.

Ketu In First/1st House:

Ketu in the first house might indicate short pulp fleshy frame of body and native contains a giant ear and suffers from acidity and likes to eat rice and dairy farm and milk merchandise in their meal. Ketu within the first house makes one ask for a high non-secular detached life. From the centre age, the native would interact with himself in intense meditation and Self-Study.

Ketu in Lagna or first house will build an individual convertible, and may conjointly build an individual generally inconsistent with their goal ambition and direction in their life. It conjointly makes the person super sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions particularly pain, anguish, anger and unhappiness, and discontent with their life normally. Ketu in the first house makes native wanderers and gifts them nice intuitive power and judgment in their speech, for instance, their prediction will return true for different kinsfolk.

Ketu In first House Horoscope and Love Relationships

If native with Ketu placed during this house falls crazy, can|there’ll} be loss of mental peace for the natives and natives will become neurotic together with his or her love partner. They behave like crazy dogs or crazy mentally challenged individuals whenever they fall crazy. though they continue to be terribly loyal to their lover their feeling won’t be reciprocated in the same manner.

Ketu In first House Of Horoscope and wedding –

Ketu placed during this house makes native married life sort of a living hell. Ketu creates mayhem and shallowness in their married life. The husband and the better half can stay unhappy with one another and can not adapt and respect one another feelings. The quality issue will be there. Separation is extremely abundant attainable because of this placement of Ketu.

Ketu In first House Of Horoscope and CAREER –

The relief issue is extremely abundant there with Ketu placed during this house, as by their sheer exertions and by means of some divine grace or luck they perform splendidly well in their operating sector. They get quality and success with fame within the occult field, star divination, or within the medical sector.

The rise in life is attributable to their focus on career and their work ethics and have sheer data of their profession and work Endeavour. Thus, the increase in life with an honest quantity of wealth until the time of life is attributable to their winning stable career.