How does the Mars and Saturn conjunction impact the first house for Libra Lagna?

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How does the Mars and Saturn conjunction impact the first house for Libra Lagna?

This is the conjunction of natural first, the eighth lord with the tenth,eleventh lord which is all interelated to Karma and grow someone is having this conjunction in the chart has lots to rely upon this Saturn &Mars conjunction to regulate the success rate in life. Saturn and Mars are destructive to each other, cause from the list we can understand there is nothing ordinary between them to have any friends. When these two are in one ascendant then fights are restrained to happen and the accurate result will rely on Sign house and aspect on them.

Firstly all these people are very enthusiastic and feel that they were born to do something great in life as well for people, to bring change in society and all. But then Saturn does not make it happen so comfortable and from there starts the disappointment. The main point is this conjunction gives frustration. Saturn & Sun conjunction gives a wide push and these people are health freak, like to do exercise. As specified above, desire will be there but the cause of Saturn’s negative and insecure nature, even after getting favorable circumstances people with this conjunction doesn’t play well in life. Be scare of losing don’t let them put their efforts on it and keep feel a threat to safety.

Saturn & Mars conjunction in the fourth house gives lots of disturbance in mind, they have the type of conflict nature, at times they are completely focused, disciplined and arrogant and the next second they are highly anxious and love to be protective. Such nature brings problems in domestic happiness as fourth denotes domestic surrounding. Mars in the first house have their networks with the law. Social competitors, also in unions and partnership. When distressed hurdles through money which may be difficult to accumulate. Loss through competitors. Saturn is a Yogakarka for Libra and it is inflated in Lagna. It will confer fortunate legacy, gain through land or ancestry. Makes the native, prosperous, respected, of good things and nature. In middle age unfaithful, unhappy. Loss through competitors. Average lifetime. Pleasure searching, healthy and cheerful relations with everyone.

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