Is having​ the Moon and Saturn in the 7th house bad?

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Is having​ the Moon and Saturn in the 7th house bad?

Saturn and Moon in the 7th house:-

Saturn in the 7th gains is a very good planet if well fixed for constant and profound connections in relationships, he will give a very deliberate partner who is very cultured, calm, serene with mostly discouraged attitude and intellectual perspective, research competence. Saturn partners will be very culture than their actual age, they can also look or very old or very immature than their age, most apparently they will look earlier to their age with a heavy, genuine and cultured look. Saturn will show long time period strong relationship but that won’t ungenerous that they have a great marriage and a great conjugal life, Saturn shows more of restraints, the relationship is solid due to good compassionate and respect for each other than affection, Saturn gives someone who is very hard occupied, responsible for his duties and conform person. Physically one may have an undernourished look, extent and strong apparent bones in the body in the form of joints, the chin may be the poke and clearly more visible, sometimes Saturn gives very fine extent.

A planet like moon in the 7th is quite a desirable thing provided it has good and condition of benefits, such a moon will give you an extra-conscious and emotional partner, he will be very tend and protective of you like a parent to children, but don’t suppose a high intensity affection like that of mars and venus, you will adore him but it will get annoying at times when he shows over conserve and concern which can put you off entirely. His love is more of an affectionate figure than that of a charming excitement. He can be an idealist, artist who can do poems, anticipate things, do good cooking, he can mostly be a nice manager at home taking care of all your wants. The moon shows someone who will have an attractive appearance with delicate competence, they may have an impulse to gain weight easily due to a water sign. The depressed moon will give an emotionally irrational.

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