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Is Ketu and Moon conjunction in the 7th house bad?

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
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This conjunction is on the integral a non-adequate one in the 7th house, because the Ketu leaves concerns to the wisdom and beginning of the Moon related to married life. Ketu is not very much interested in differently impacting the finances of the people neither with the world exterior their home nor with the clear health of either of the two. Ketu commonly is in benefit of glorifying a deal or opinion, once it has been finished and communicated to the other connected parts. Ketu (with Moon) in 7th house does ties tendency and sometimes develops an interest for outside members. But it doesn’t develop endurance in the person to proceed beyond glimpse and sometimes a normal talk, because Ketu is not determined on bothering the peace in and continuance of the life.

Ketu in the 7th can be considered somewhat like Rahu in consideration of the difference is Ketu gives a divine partner or may give somebody who is restrained into self, isolated, he could be expert in hidden, languages, programming, deeply technical thing might interest him, Ketu if well aspected by Jupiter can give a very divinely advanced partner, mercury will give specialist in languages, programming, etc,

Moon will show therapist, psychics, imagination readers, sun with Ketu will give a partner with imperfection, Ketu with any planet will trick of one of the significations of that house of planet, Ketu in 7th will also trick in some of the indication related to partner 7th house, it can also show presumed tricking in life. A planet like the moon in the seventh is still a satisfying thing aspect of beneficial, such a moon will give you an extra-perceptive and emotional partner, he will be very loving and protective of you like a mother is of her child, but don’t expect a high intensity like that of mars and venus, you will love them but it will get annoying at times when it shows over concern which can put you off totally. His love is more of and caring figure than that of affection. He can be an idealist, artist who can do poems, imagine things, do good cooking, he can mostly be a nice manager at home taking care of all your wants. The moon shows somebody who will have a charming appearance with soft skills, they may have a habit to gain weight easily. The depressed moon will give an emotionally fickle and weak person who can be given to habits easily.

Author: Abhishek Soni

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