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Is the conjunction of Mercury and Venus good in the 10th house for a Virgo ascendant?

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
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Mercury in the 12th house shows distraction with details and conversations. This leads to irritation and miscommunications. Domestic activities related to Mercury, such as writing in general reflection, could be quite developed. An individual may misuse a lot of time with and energy on challenging, yet ineffective interests. Unhealthy prevention, especially through celebration is shown. Venus in the 12th house shows a lot of covered ambitions and potential.

This could be the highly innovative process for the native with Venus in the 12th house, but could also be a polished slope to wasting time and blow away the higher promise of Venus in the 12th house. This can be a highly religious placement, one where the beauty of love takes on a glorious nature. Beautiful dreams and absent-minded is also a part of this placement.

The Mercury and Venus are the most advantageous planets for Virgo Ascendant. Saturn, usually, is a giver of confident results unless it is dangerously disturbed and having relations with Mars. Due to its honor over 4th and 7th houses; Jupiter acts as a Maraka planet for Virgo Ascendant; and sometimes, even junior weaknesses or misery on the part of Jupiter may generate difficulties in marriage and health. Sun is a contributor to diverse results; and if under advantageous planetary consequence and well placed; it may absolve with foreign residence, successful journeys, and safety from financial troubles.

Author: Abhishek Soni

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