How Manglik Dosh is considered harmful for marriage happiness.

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Manglik Dosh   is the issues associated with Mars and also the value of the twelfth house both in men’s and women’s horoscopes. Successfully administrated as below In Vedic Astrology, twelfth home is a measure of exit and also the costs of the hospitalization, etc. within the lifetime of native people, loss, pain, and pathological state, Mars is that the most vital thing during the Mars Dasha. Within the 12th zone, men and ladies who have Mars are active and powerful, physically strong. If Mars is further affected, it can cause eye distortion and brother loss or a spoiled relationship with it. Wound stains on the body.

At the 12th house of Mangal or Mars, men and ladies are at risk of the company, career, or the other failure thanks to fraud and disappointment. Native isn’t visiting be wealthy or have a decent financial situation. The natural composition of the indigenous individual in March place twelfth is being fired and also the illness typically affects males and females including constipation, indigestion, acidity, bolts, rashes, illnesses of the skin, eye diseases, red skin, etc. Divorces, separations, etc. may be seen when affliction to dispose or karaka and lord are serious. In many cases, men’s siblings with such a mix are seen to own a decent sympathy or spoilt relationship, especially with the elderly, within the worse case, with the death of lots of affliction. In certain cases, even problems with servants or subordinates are found. Ultimately, if Mars or Mangal within the twelfth house has positive intentions and advantages, then the outcomes above are substantially reduced and losses with no such fatal impact but life struggles are certain.

 ‘Manglik Dosh’ has been considered harmful to married happiness. This is partly true, but not completely. As we have made clear in the previous chapter that multiple factors are responsible for the attainment or absence of marital bliss, it is not fair to say lack of marital bliss only because the ‘Manglik Dosha’ is in the birth journal

We would like to attract the attention of the readers on what is first called ‘Manglik Dosh’. Generally, the position of Mars in any one of the Ascendant IV, VII, VIII and Dvdash expressions in the birth journal of any person is called ‘Manglik Dosh’.

The scriptural belief is that the marriage of a man or woman with ‘Manglik Dosh’ is necessary to be married to a person with ‘Manglik Dosh’.

In astrology, Sun, Saturn and Rahu are considered to be separatist planets and Mars is a planet with destructive effects. Therefore, Mars is situated in the Lagna, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, causing loss of life of the spouse.

Here we want to make it clear that it is not correct to say the death of a spouse or lack of marital happiness here only because of Manglik Dosh, but it is better to reach a decision only by the consolidated study of other beautiful yogas of Janma Patrika, but not Is that this defect is absolutely ineffective.

There are many situations in Janma Patrika, which are capable of doing or avoiding the effects of Mangal Dosh. Here are some of the yogas we are mentioning.

1. Mangal Dosh is eliminated if any sin planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu etc. are situated in the Lagna, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth place in the birth magazine of a bride and groom.

2. If the Guru has a complete vision on Mars, then Mars defect is ineffective.

3. If Mars in the Lagna is situated in its own house in Aries or in Aries in the fourth house in Scorpio or in the seventh house through Capricorn, then Mars defect also becomes ineffective.

4. If Mars is situated in the lower house of Cancer in the eighth house or Mars in the house of the zodiac sign, then the Mars defect becomes ineffective.

5. If Mars is located in its zodiac sign like Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces etc. then Mars defect becomes ineffective.

6. According to some scholars, if the Ashtakutas match more than 25 qualities and the full qualities of the planetary friendship are found and the qualities of the bride and groom remain the same, then the prevention of Mangal Dosh should be understood.

7. Mangal Dosh is not valid if there is lunar or lunar conjunction of Mars in the birth magazine of the bride and groom.

8. In the birth magazine of the bride and the girl from the ascendant, from the moon and from Venus, the exact defect ie the Lagna, the fourth.

the seventh, the eighth and the twelfth house in which Mars is situated, in the birth magazine of the other, the same house should be located in Mars. Or the presence of any strong sin planet like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in that house, only the avoidance of Manglik Dosh is valid.

If both male and female Mars or Manglik defective sin planets are located in different expressions.

then, in this case, the avoidance of Mangal Dosh is not acceptable. Therefore, by having a scholarly scholar deeply examine the birth journal, validate the decision and avoidance of ‘Mangal Dosh’.



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