Mars is the planet of Energy in Astrology

Astrology is based on heavenly bodies, which are known as planets. It is believed throughout the world that these planets have their relative impact on this world and on human beings. The planets are born direct to the Gods or they have attained immense power and position to do good or bad. Mars was born to goddess Earth.


Sun and Moon are major planets

As it is known that Sun and Moon own only one sign each but all the other planets rules two signs. Mars owns Aries and Scorpio. As we know Aries being the first sign of zodiac, represents undirected energy. Mars being the ruler of the sign, has abundance of unmanifested energy. This energy of mars is always ready to express resentment, courage, and competitiveness. It carries uncalculated energy, therefore it cannot measure the risk element beforehand.

The other sign which Mars rules is Scorpio. Scorpio is a very difficult sign to interpret, therefore it is known as a mysterious sign. Scorpio is the eighth house with symbolism of retreat, death and submerging. The tremendous energy of Mars is characterised in two forms-one is constructive and the other is destructive. A very important phenomena of energy is that it cannot be destroyed, but can only be converted. The first lordship of Mars that is Aries, suggests that energy needs an outward demonstration, therefore, with all its might it wants to dominate others and makes its presence felt immensely. The second lordship of Mars, Scorpio, denotes energy that finds an outlet within itself and flows for self-satisfaction.


Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries makes the person brave, victorious in battlefield, receives benefits and honours from government and earn a lot of money and possess much wealth in life. Mars in Scorpio enables the person to earn from landed property. He is courageous, risk-taking, a daredevil and bold. This persons shows extremities in emotions.

The Hindi and Sanskrit name for Mars is Mangal. The meaning of mangal is ‘auspicious’. Since Mars was born to Goddess Earth, It is also known as Bhumiputra and Kuja. Mars get exaltation in Capricorn and it get debilitated in Cancer. Mars is a fire element. It is powerful in Pisces and Aquarius. Mrighshira, Chitra, and Dhanishtha, are its nakshatras.

Author: Abhishek Soni

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