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Rahu in 7th house As discussed in my previous article, the importance and significance of nine planets, which is also known as Nav Graham in Vedic Astrology or Hindu Mythology.

The interesting fact and aspect of Vedic Astrology signify that among nine planets seven planets have their physical existence and rest of the two planets that is Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets.  -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu and Ketu do not have physical shape and existence and act as shadow planets in any native birth chart or horoscope. Even though Rahu is considered to be the most powerful and dirty planet in Vedic Astrology. -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu and Ketu are considered as intersection pointers in the sky which are termed as north or south lunar nodes. Rahu is a powerful planet which aspects malefic effects such as long chronic diseases indicates laziness, delays, hurdles and even cause of death sometimes in the horoscope. -Rahu in 7th house

It rules jails, thieves, cruel thoughts, court cases, enemies, snake, poison and even deals with isolated directions.

Invisible planet Rahu is the strong enemy of Sun, Moon, and Mars and not allocated any zodiac sign. As per Vedic Astrology science, Rahu is exalted (means uccha in Hindi) in Taurus Zodiac Sign whereas it is debilitated (neecha in Hindi) in Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.  -Rahu in 7th house

Neutral planet to Rahu is Jupiter. Friendly planets of Rahu includes Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Rahu stays for 18 months in Zodiac Sign. The Nakshatra ruled by Rahu is Adra, Swati and Shatbhisha. Mahadasha of Rahu exists till 18 years in any zodiac sign -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu In 7th House

Rahu represents want and obsession in a human being. Rahu is known as the mind as he drank the nectar of a demon that became immortal. The things that are represented by the house\/sign in which Rahu is placed in express the obsession for the same. Rahu does not have a physical presence and is a shadow planet, but has an impact on the living beings in the world. Rahu\/Ketu indicates the karmic desire of the past and present of the native.

Here are the forecasts for Rahu in homes of a chart. Nonetheless, the real picture may be discovered only after looking at another planetary position i.e. Rahu placed with a facet of planets on Rahu, a few planets and the Sign and House Rahu is placed. Nakshatra of Rahu also needs to be examined. Result of Rahu in the first house of the chart – Rahu usually gives good result in the first house. Rahu indicates cleverness and wit. Though such an individual can be short-tempered, he’ll be intelligent. Read – Result in the home of the chart of Rahu – Rahu in home causes of making for the native problem.

He might feel difficulty in finding a stable income source. Where he’s to depend on others for his presence, he could have to face situations. Read – Result in the home of the chart of Rahu – He’s his own thoughts of thinking and seeks side of life. Majority of actors and the politicians have this position in their chart. They know how to use their position to produce earnings and clever. Read more – Result of Rahu at 4th home of a chart – Rahu in 4th house is considered malefic. 4th house indicates Cancer Signal in Zodiac whose lord is Moon. Rahu is the worst enemy of the Moon.

Here, Rahu is just like a curse for the native. The fourth house denotes the mental state of an individual. Read more – Result of Rahu at 5th home of the chart – The only negative facet of this house is the effect of Rahu on progeny. The person can have no kid or there might be difficulty in conceiving. There may also be the main distinction of time between these births of children. There could also be a miscarriage. Read more – Result of Rahu in the sixth home of the chart – Sixth home is known as the home of enemies, diseases and debts. Any Evil Planet in this house gives positive results.

There are many Rahu predictions for a career in astrology. There are particular appointments and positions that some people will find important in their life such as the positions of nannies and housekeepers. They can also be necessary for students like teachers, administrators, professors, and psychologists. In astrology career, they can predict if the person is fit for a job or not. There are also signs that come along with the career that can give an indication of the success or failure of a career. One of the rare careers that are popular in astrology career predictions is the careers of rain prophets, seers, and psychics. Rahu predictions that involve this career tend to predict good things in the future.

The predictions can be accurate for each and every person in different countries. Since Rahu careers are predicted by ray signs and keystones, these predictions are reliable. Since they are based on the interpretation of the keynotes and signs, the predictions can come true to the extent that people can be successful in their careers. People who have achieved the careers which they were told would be their dreams will be able to live their dream careers successfully. These careers include those of financiers, navigators, natural scientists, and engineers. There are other predictions that have been made regarding race careers and most of them are related to professions that people have to do for money or for moneymaking purposes.

The predictions can be different for each individual since the sign of a rare sign can vary from one individual to another. In some cases, they can be exact, while in other cases they can be vague. A person who has done a successful career as per astrology predictions is one who gets good compensation and enjoys a good life. A person who has achieved a career as per astrology predictions is said to be fortunate in love and business.

Rahu also gives benefic results. The health of the indigenous will be sound. Enemies might not be capable to face him. Read more – Result of Rahu in the seventh home of the chart – In married relations, it’s observed that such natives shouldn’t marry before this age of 21 to avoid complications at married life.

At present, Rahu is in Cancer Sign and Ketu is in Capricorn sign till 2019 which has a different impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. Well placed Rahu in any horoscope specifies prosperity, good health, wealth and position, power or authority. If adversely placed, then it will result in arrogance, diseases and fights.  -Rahu in 7th house

Let us try to study the impact of Rahu in different houses in any birth chart of the native

House Number


Impact /Effects
1 If placed in the first house, then native will be clever and will receive unexpected wealth. The person will be short-tempered. Power and Authority will be the hallmark.
2 If placed in second house native will find difficulty in terms of income gains.
3 If placed in third house native will be a positive thinker and intellectual person and will have a health source of income.
4 Rahu placed in this house is not a good sign for native as it is the enemy sign and will bring malefic results.
5 Natives should be careful in terms of Pregnancy. Otherwise native will be very good in terms of personality
6 This house indicates death, diseases and debts. Enemies will always be defeated and natives health will be good
7 Rahu can create health issues in the family.
8 Therefore natives should be careful while driving vehicles and obstacles in life are observed.
9 The person will be spiritual and religious.
10 The person will be hardworking and will rise significantly  in his career ladder
11 The native will earn good wealth during any Mahadasha of Rahu
12 Natives  have to suffer more in personal and professional life



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