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Shani Retrograde (Vakri) from 18th April 2018 to 6th September 2018 – What you should know

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
  • Category: Planetary Transitions

Do you know the Saturn (Shani) planet of Karma (work) will become Retrograde (vakri in Hindi) that is, it will move backwards from 18th April 2018 (Wednesday 07:00 AM and will move straight direction from   6th Sep 2018 (Thursday) 17:06 PM.

The following transition is happening in Sagittarius or Dhanu sign for the year 2018 as the natives of this zodiac signs is going through peak phase of Sade Sati.

It means Saturn retrograde days will be 142, therefore a period of challenges and slow down for every 12 Zodiac signs or rashi. Any planet in Vedic Astrology when moves backward or reverse direction can have positive or negative impact in any horoscope depending upon the birth time.

This is directly related how the Lord Shani (Saturn) is placed in the natives’ horoscope at the time of birth. Since Saturn is considered as Karmic planet which means it governs our work and accordingly gives results though sometimes it is very challenging and painful in vakri (Retrograde) position.

One can say that, this is the period to go slow, assess your past karmas and act slowly on your present and future decisions. Once Saturn (Shani) moves in straight direction then you can take the speed command on your every decision for great and fruitful future results

Author: Abhishek Soni

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