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sun direct impact in astrology  Sun or Surya is the king of all planets in the universe as per the Vedic Astrology. It has its own significance in western astrological science as all the predictions in the horoscope are based on the movement of Sun in different houses according to Sun Sign.

In Vedic Astrology position of Sun plays a very important role in every aspect as Sun or Surya is considered to be the shining planet when it comes to any native’s life.sun direct impact in astrology

In terms of Vedic Astrology, Sun is the God or Father of all planets on the earth and centre of all the extreme powers.

As all the planets revolve around it due to its massive gravitational force, Sun signifies and fuels energy to all the planets in the solar system.

Leo zodiac sign represents Sun and Ruby or Manik is the gemstone for this planet. Strong Sun in the native horoscope indicates high authority, power, wealth, stubborn, ego, fame, political power. Whereas malefic Sun in Horoscope will result in the poor level of confidence, low desire, failures, accidents and unstable or failure relations.

Saturn and Venus are enemy planets for Sun whereas Mercury is neutral.
Following are the results of Sun in different Houses depending upon the positions of Sun in native Horoscope at the time of birth and as per Moon Sign sun direct impact in astrology

Sun in 1st House 
This is Lagna house and presence of Sun will bring very fruitful results. The person is mentally very strong and hardworking. Attraction and good leadership are hallmarks. Successful politician.

Sun in 2nd House – sun direct impact in astrology 
The person is more independent and attracted to gain materialistic desires. Competitor and hard works are the hallmarks for such personalities

Sun in 3rd House
Very knowledgeable and career orientated person with a great analytical approach. Good communicators and Knowledge sharing are the hallmarks
Sun in 4th House —  sun direct impact in astrology  
Natives have a great attraction towards family and birthplace. They are great family protectors and hard workers to achieve goals.  sun direct impact in astrology

Sun in 5th House
You are creative and centre of attraction in all walks of your life. Ego, dominance, overconfidence is your traits. Your children will always shine

Sun in 6th House 

Expert and loyal in your professional job. A too demanding person from his subordinates

Sun in 7th House sun direct impact in astrology  

The person with sales or marketing is very successful

Sun in 8th House
Respects the traditional and values of a family. Always tries to help others and seek their blessings. Much interested in seeking hidden matters. sun direct impact in astrology

Sun in 9th House
Native is much devoted to religion, culture and ideology with a great vision of life. Power to attract other and great traveller.

Sun in 10th House
The native will be a great politician or big authority in terms of professionalism. A great leader and inspired by his father

Sun in 11th House
A person with a high goal and vision in life. The person will not hesitate to help others.

Sun in 12th House

A person will remain behind the scene or backdoor or may not be noticed for his work. Do not like publicity. Loves peaceful environments sun direct impact in astrology

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