Sun Is A Harmful Planet Too

Sun Is A Harmful Planet Too

Sun Is A Harmful Planet Too

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The Sun is the first house’s natural karaka and represents self-identity, individual self-expression, following personal inspirations, vitality, power, leadership, and figures of authority. As the ruler of Leo’s sign, the Sun denotes the supreme power of the heart and mind to burn and purify the consciousness so that an individual understands the need for self-sacrifice to create anything.

As a glowing planet, The Sun represents the foremost direct affiliation of the soul to supply and the way this affiliation reflects itself within the role someone is supposed to play at intervals the grander theme of life.

  • Sun In 1st House: Having Sun within the first house creates a robust, healthy body and an assured, impressive, and authoritative temperament. even as the Sun shines with brightness and intensity, an individual with Sun within the first home is a natural-born leader with the kind of presence that creates them shine out from a crowd. 
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  • Sun In 2nd House: This placement of the Sun shows an individual whose dominant motivation in life is to figure arduous to make and maintain their wealth and material resources, that they are doing in a wise and pragmatic manner. This person is devoted to living by their personal values and should even be frank or plainspoken in speech. If Sun is in tough dignity, this person might have to bother with being steadfast in building wealth, or they’ll develop egotism through over-identification with their material possessions.
  • Sun In 3rd House: This placement represents a person’s capability of showing intelligence and systematically develop and use their skills. Personal growth is stirred by having the ability to precisely and communicate info and ideas. Many things that you just may have to figure upon intellectual pride and impatience.
  • Sun In 4th House: This Placement represents a person who can take excellent care of his property and family’s welfare and social rank. Being deeply frozen in-home and absolute to family ties, the natives can have a better sense of domestic security. you’re pleased with your heritage and traditions you determine with and do everything necessary to preserve them. Sun within the fourth house additionally provides the native exaggerated vitality and strength in the latter half-life.
  • Sun In 5th House: The fifth house represents, If the native were a male, he’s doubtless to be dictatorial in nature. Natives having Sun in the fifth house typically had best in speculation and investment matters too. it’s an exquisite placement of Sun because it provides creative inclination. The native will do wonders in humanities particularly acting. Such folks have a powerful want to precise themselves in creativeness and it is through any mean be it sports, romance, writing, and after all drama.
  • Sun In 6th House: A positive Sun in the sixth house helps the natives fight down the diseases and build resistance against diseases. Such natives have sensible immunity and stamina. whereas Sun’s vitality and energy aren’t as forceful here as in different homes regarding health, it builds a bent to take care of health matters, which ultimately proves useful. This position of Sun additionally indicates promotion to a better and accountable position for the native once continuous everyday efforts. Such folks even have a deep respect for authority and are disciplined in nature.
  • Sun In 7th House: With Sun positioned in the seventh house of partnerships, the native is probably going to realize from a wedding or business association. you’ve got a bent to hunt a partner United Nations agency stands higher on the social ladder. Such an individual, however, ought to solely keep company with individuals of comparable backgrounds, wherever they’ll feel equal. Major variations may cause rifts.
  • Sun In 8th House: When Sun in 8th placement, Such individuals ought to guard their hearts as coronary failure is one in every of the foremost rife complications among natives having Sun within the eighth house. individuals having this placement usually have the benefit of inheritance. This position conjointly provides the potential to handle cash with wisdom.
  • Sun In 9th House: This placement shows that the sense of identity of a person is based on his teachings and culture. They can see their life’s larger picture, are committed to dharma and have a strong sense of purpose and direction in life. If Sun is in difficult dignity, it can create stress around marriage and suit one’s culture and one’s parents well. It indicates a powerful risk of foreign or long-distance travel. Sun within the ninth house additionally offers success, acclaim, and respect in an exceedingly foreign place. there’s a powerful love for learning foreign languages and cultures. 
  • Sun In 10th House: A person with this Sun placement, As a result, they may have a good reputation and be respected as a powerful figure of authority, such as a senior official or corporate leader in government. Sun within the tenth house offers the natives associate the urge to shine and find recognition for his or her efforts. Such folks have a powerful need to excel one thing like mastering associate art. 
  • Sun In 11th House: Sun’s position within the eleventh house gives full support to the native in realizing ambitions and dreams that were otherwise not possible to meet. Sun within the eleventh house offers a powerful inclination towards positions of cluster leadership and being a representative. Natives with this placement even have sturdy humanitarian tendencies. 
  • Sun In 12th House:  If Sun is in difficult dignity, this person can feel energy-saving and have low stamina, needing longer rest periods to sustain in life. The position of Sun within the twelfth house indicates that the native could suffer associate obscure and dark time for a few a part of life. even so, if the aspects, conjunction, and alternative factors are favorable, the natives can have the flexibility to sidestep troubles, tackle challenges and get up despite the percentages. Otherwise, the native could lurch within the ocean of hassle. 


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