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sun news in astrology  Sun performs Soul,  Personality, Government, Authority, Career, Ego, Self Admire, Health, etc. Mercury performs communication skills, marketing, calculative competence, hobbies, intelligence, youthfulness, etc. Rahu performs Confusion, Foreign Things, any type of excitement, Wealth, Success, Obsession, etc. sun news in astrology 

Rahu also blows things out of dimensions. This is one more partnership where a person is born near solar eclipse. Adjacent Sun and Rahu are degree-wise, the more shock you will see of Sun being eclipsed which point out towards loss of father, ego or confidence in early life or person can have a super-magnified ego. It shows an isolated or exceptional relation with Father. As Mercury performs siblings, same affix for relations with siblings. sun news in astrology

The person can have very isolated or weird ways of communicating or he may promote to communicate through online means. They may find their appropriate career, success in career or morale with certain late in life which can be up to 50 years of age in some cases.sun news in astrology  sun news in astrology

They can bloom more in foreign visits or in business related to foreign trips. They can also do some exceptional business. They can also be very good at studying foreign or machine languages. sun news in astrology

Mercury Rahu together regularly makes a person very brilliant and almost sharp. So, they can be a very smart businessman. They can also talk a lot and huge things. In such a case, a person may speak without any sensibility and his intuition may suffer. sun news in astrology

According to astrology, when the Sun and Mercury planets are in the same house sign in anyone’s horoscope. So when these two are together, Mercury becomes Aditya. The second name of the planet Sun is Aditya. This yoga is for the fortunate people because the people of this yoga are very lucky. sun news in astrology

Whether a person is born if he is not born in a poor house. He becomes very rich. As his age increases, he starts getting benefits for whatever his father’s job is. The growth of his father’s business or job starts. And one day, the same poor family, their child, in whose horoscope Mercury-Aditya Yoga due to that child, their name starts coming in the rich. Mercury- Aditya man with a bright future, mother-father, brother-in-law’s fortune-teller, child-side gainer, or you can also say that the fate of the child also increases.  sun news in astrology

Knowledge, wisdom, fame in your life, honour, high status, gain in business, etc. Many kinds of benefits are auspicious. If this yoga is in the horoscope then that person lives like kings. Any human being with this yoga must succeed in his life if there is any doubt in his mind. So you can see the horoscope of any great person. Whether you are a leader, actor or an eminent person of any country, almost due to Mercury-Aditya Yoga, his honour is his name. According to the solar system, which is the closest planet to the Sun. sun news in astrology

The other name of the planet Sun is Aditya. Due to the proximity of the Sun, the rays of the light of the whole Sun are read on Mercury. Because of which Mercury considers the full grace of the Sun on itself. Therefore, the mutual love of the planet Mercury and the Sun remains. The one who acts as the biggest power. In the horoscope where both these planets are sitting. 12 expressions give different fruits to everyone. In which the position of both planets is there. That makes the house very strong. It can also be said that it can give fruits like expressions. Wants to get the same kind of fruit in his life. sun news in astrology

Whatever is the sum. This is the biggest yoga. Mercury Aditya Yoga is said to be the combination of Sun + Mercury, but if it is more and good-natured, Sun + Mercury is on Aries or Mercury is in the first, fourth, seventh, tenth house on its Virgo or Gemini sign. But it is also considered good in the triangle house (triangle house and fifth house). The auspicious effect of this yoga provides the person with intelligence, analytical ability, speech skills, communication skills, ability to lead, honour, respect, prestige and many other such characteristics. sun news in astrology

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