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When you go through your tarot reading, what do you usually see? You will most likely see the Moon and Venus cards. This is because they are very similar to each other, as they both show a lot of similarities.

You have both the instinct and the ability to feel things that are not quite your own type of feeling. If there is one thing that you have in common, it is the ability to become overwhelmed by emotion or situation. This is your ability to interpret things in a very intuitive way. –to the moon

For example, if you had a sudden and initial problem with money, it would probably be hard for you to think clearly and not be confused. You would have to remember everything about a matter that happened and then try to determine the correct course of action. The same thing can happen when you are dealing with a traumatic event like losing a loved one. -to the moon

For example, if you lose a person very close to you, you may have to take time to get over the financial issues and really focus on healing. For some people, this does not occur naturally. If you are dealing with trauma, it is easier for you to cope because you are already experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty emotionally.

You also have the ability to be able to see and sense the lunar aspects of your friends. The signs can be in different positions and what you see from someone who has Sun in Cancer can be different from the other sign positions. This is the way you can use your ability to see your other signs. -to the moon

For example, if you are about to be in a religious or political conflict, it can affect you. You can see the way that your other signs reflect on each other and how your opposing sides want to fight. What is happening in your life can also impact the way you act. The way you have your life laid out can also have an effect on the way that you act.

When you go through your readings, what do you usually see? Most people see the Moon and Venus cards. When you read what your sign says, you can tell that you have an intuition or that you have psychic powers. -to the moon

It can also be easier for you to see the astrology cards. In the sky, everything that you see is the result of other things that you do. This is especially true with the planets and other things of the planets and other stars.

When you look at the chart, the first things that you see are the planets and the Moon. The Moon is the same type of energy that is inside of you and helps you work through your life. If you have a psychic type of problem, the Moon will help you understand how the things that you are dealing with affect you and how you can move through them in a more positive way.  -to the moon

The Moon helps you to analyze your own actions and feelings, which is very important in your psychic abilities. If you are going through a trauma and you are not sure how to deal with it, the Moon will help you heal.

What your moon sign reveals about your emotional and personal level is similar to the way that you look at the world. The only difference is that your emotions and the way that you see the world are all influenced by the other aspects of your personality.  -to the moon

Moon astrology and tarot cards share many similarities. What your tarot reading says, can be the same as what you are seeing on the wall. However, both types of reading can be very effective and allow you to see things in a different way and a completely different level.  –to the moon 

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