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Vastu and Vastu Shastra – Magic of Directions and Elements of Nature

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
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Importance of  Vastu and Vastu Shastra: Vastu as the name suggests is the science of architecture which deals and correlates the balance of all the directions of nature’s five elements that is Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space (panchabootas in vedic) for the natural positive energy flow.

This not only helps the balanced flow of energy in all the directions but also constitutes the scientific way of living between man and external environments (objects).

Every object in the environment have its own impact in terms of positive and negative energy respect to different directions such as East, West, North and South  respect to different gravitational  effects ,magnetic field effects, sunlight, wind and cosmic energy  on the human beings.

Vastu Shastra is the combine effect of your surroundings, which also integrates astrology, astronomy, with science and art.  This is most beneficial way of taking the advantages of nature’s elements, thus with right direction with right energy to enhance your health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Major Benefits of Vastu Shastra includes a attract more wealth, removes blocks of negative energies, increase and strength the bonds and health relationships, Spiritual, and much more depending upon the natives horoscope planetary  positions and strengths.

Thus Vastu Shastra directly helps us to deal with the different problems of human life. It also teaches, how to deal and overcome such problems by proper implementation of Vastu tips. In coming articles we will also discuss the different Vastu dosh (problems) and remedies to overcome the same in daily life activities.






Author: Abhishek Soni

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