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Vastu dosh and how to remove Vastu dosh

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
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Vastu dosh and how to remove Vastu dosh
Vastu and Vastu dosh are very much correlated with other. Vastu dosh arises due to direct defect or block in flow of energies coming from all the eight directions.

These directions possess qualities bestowed by universal nature upon them respect to Panch-Maha-Bootas.

For example, wrong structural design of office or shop causes great losses in business to the natives and increase their sufferings in life.

In ancient times or traditional age, the importance of Vastu was dim, but today in the machine age and modern world significance of Vastu have much sorted.

Vastu dosh checks the placements of physical objects, natural sun energy flow of all directions that is east, west, north and south.

Vastu dosh focus placing right physical object at right place. This is achieved without demolition of any house or place.

Infact Pyramids also plays significant role in the positive energy flow and helps in removing the defects caused by Vastu dosh in long run.

Following are the natural remedies use to remove the impact of Vastu dosh and increase the flow of positive energies.

  1. Avoid hanging negative pictures or violence in-house.
  2. Use Pyramid Yantra (which means fire in middle) by consulting Vastu expert.
  3. Use positive colors as per astrology or as per your horoscope.
  4. Do not forget to conduct Vastu Pooja, Navgrah Pooja and Lord Ganesh Pooja for newly constructed.
  5. Ensure Pooja room in House should face North East Corner.
  6. Ensure North East corner of the house is not cluttered and it should be clean daily.
  7. Check there should be no leakages of water or wastage of water in-house.
  8. Ensure Tulsi planted in-house and it should be worshipped daily for positive energy.
  9. While sleeping point your head towards South.
Author: Abhishek Soni

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