What does it mean to have Venus in the 11th house?

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What does it mean to have Venus in the 11th house?

Friendship is the most valuable form of love for Venus in the eleventh house and is the main element that keeps you around. … Venus is all about love, happiness, comforts, pleasures, and imagination. In the 11th house, you target those things that comprehend one person from another. The planet Venus is one of the most opportunate existence in the astrological field as it provides beneficial results in general. The appearance of Venus in the eleventh house would conquer great social presence and features to the natives besides which they would advantage a life with good prosper & position.

The natives born with Venus in the eleventh house would be granted with good heights of the social & professional field along with the strong financial importance. They will be adequate enough to maintain strong social relationships and they will be truly contributed from friends and social relationships around. They would remain complicated in group activities and would carry great virtues of catering and services which would further powerful their bonds. Their social difficulty would help them in their competent growth as well.

These natives having Venus in 11th house are free courage in relationships as they would possess good relations around but they need to keep the relationship at an interesting neighboring for keeping it conscious. These people would find their companion through groups as they value togetherness of the group and their connection. The eleventh house in the horoscope chart gets collide with the planet Saturn & Jupiter for which the native would receive the connected results of these planets consequent to Venus here in this house.

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