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What happens if Jupiter is in the 7th house (Leo sign) for an Aquarius ascendant?

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Jupiter in 7th house of Aquarius Ascendant it means that specific person will give the first choice to his relations over his earnings and finance. He thinks that relations are more essential than that of money. When Jupiter, the larger Beneficial, is fixed in the seventh house of the natal chart, the native will receive the planet’s generous energy in all problems regarding unions and partnerships. This is a particularly good native placement, especially in women charts; they potency make their dream to turn into a reality. The same thing used to men; still, they might be more concerned in using this essential position for successful business partnerships. As the seventh house rules the marriage in one’s native chart, there will be at least one happy moment in the natal’s life. Jupiter, as the planet of extension, can even give various ones; this is more outstanding when the planet endures in some bicorporal sign such as Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. The marriage partner is generally wealthy or a power figure, while sometimes can also be bigger than the average person. Mostly, Jupiterin the seventh house gives a partner with a good sense of humor, who is good-hearted and helps the native a more in all phases of his life.

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