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Astrologer Abhishek Soni:-In Vedic Astrology Sun is the king of our zodiac system and has great importance. To Western Astrology all predictions are made to different signs on the basis for Sun’s movement. The Sun-ruled natives have a round face and honey-colored eyes. Sun stands for courage, father and political status in Indian Astrology. Heart, eyes, and bones are thought to be the body parts of the Sun-ruled human being. Life on earth is sustained by the presence of the All-powerful Sun. Without Sun there would not have been living on earth. Astrologically speaking, Sun is the source of extreme power and because of its tremendous gravitational force, all the planets revolve around him. Sun is the Almighty and the All-Powerful one. He is prana and plays a vital role in human life. All the planets in our Solar System revolve in separate orbits around the Sun. Sun is in 10th house brings life and light. All worlds are dependent on energy from the Sun. He is strongest in our solar system amongst all the planets. All the planetary energies are powered by Sun’s rays. Because of this power, he is known as our solar system’s King or Father. Sun is the only energy source and other planets in our solar system only reflect light from the sun. Leo’s sign represents Sun is in 10th house our Zodiac. Natives born with Leo Sign as their ascendant or Moon Sign represent the Sun’s qualities in a brave and commanding way. Sun is a person’s ego and self. As such Sun is in 10th house represents authority and government.

For sun also plays a major role in forming some important yogas in the chart, such as Veshi Yoga, Vassi Yoga, and Ubhachari Yoga. Strong Sun is in 10th house in the chart shows strong native mental composure giving an authoritative role that ensures stable relationships with others. Weak Sun gives untrust arising from poor mental constitution. Between Saturn and Venus Sun doesn’t feel comfortable. Mercury to him is good. Sun is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries, and diminished at 10 degrees in Libra. Moon, Jupiter, and Mars are to be friendly to the Sun. Sun rays are associated with the most inner human spirit. Hence, the Sun is depicted as the universe soul reflecting the earth’s life-force. Sun was described in Vedic Astrology as the Soul (Atma) of all Beings. Sun’s favourable placement ensures lifelong success, especially in the field of work or career. Sun is in 10th house should also place great political power and fame on him.
Adverse positioning can render an arrogant person and can cause mental and emotional disorders. Pessimistic mindset and embarrassment become a part of life at the hands of others. The following are Sun’s findings in various chart houses. Sun’s power, dimension, degree, exaltation, and debilitation should also be considered before a final conclusion is reached.

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