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What happens when Saturn/Moon-conjunction is in the 9th house?

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The house of the ideas and requirements that control societies, the 9th house makes us examine “why”. At the beginning of the universal houses, scrutiny is no longer concentrate on yourself or your relationships with new people. Rather, the target is on your relationship with the world and how you pursue its rules and guide yourself. Saturn and Moon’s merger clash the mind of the native. It may range from simple things like fluctuation to mental illness depending upon how bad the merger is. Saturn and Moon merger may negatively affect anyone’s health.

When the moon is in the 9th house, pleasure is found in exploring new places and ideas with a 9th house moon. Traveling brings reconciliation to these householders and gives them an improved feeling. It can be disheartening to have a 9th house moon because it is illogical and overpriced to pick up and travel as often as these householders would like to. Generally, they are left feeling incomplete. There is generally an ambition to break free from the continuity of every-day life because 9th house moons know in their hearts that they are lost so much of the world’s adventure and enjoyment by going through the endless fluctuation of daily life. ​

When the Saturn in the 9th house, a situation common to people whose father had strict or solid philosophies and ideas about the rules that should be followed in life, Saturn in the 9th house creates a chart holder who is opposing to new or foreign ideas. This is even repeated in a practical way in that the idea of long-distance traveling can be difficult or even disheartening because it takes them out of their luxury of the known into the unknown. When 9th house Saturn people do choose to endeavor into the unknown, they are intensely careful about it. They are considered or challenge against. Ensuring the beliefs that they have resolved to be correct is overly important to them as they are deeply held. 9th house Saturns can feel stuck and uninspiring because their lives sound pre-determined by their tough and attached beliefs.

Author: Abhishek Soni

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