What happens with a Moon and Ketu-conjunction in the 6th house?

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What happens with a Moon and Ketu-conjunction in the 6th house?

Moon conjunct with Ketu in a chart concludes that the native becomes hard to know the personality, for you never understand what they are up to. If your native chart has such conjunction, it determines in your best interest to give plenty of thought before endeavoring a task, additionally, you may get upset when you will fight to process on the responsibilities. The good thing is that you will always determine from your faults and try to reduce the negativity around you.

When Ketu and the Moon are in conjunction, the memory becomes segregated and separate from the physical appearance and the rest of the world. The mind is contrived to let go of a connection after many failures. Since Rahu and Ketu create turbulence for a person, the mind is full of disturbance. It’s not able to find the single direction that will cool it down, due to Ketu’s careless body. It guides the mind away in many ways. The native becomes very detracting of themselves and things they are trying to achieve. They will always ask themselves and their activities; even if it’s the correct one. They will understand a situation in their life until their head hurts. This makes them crabby because the mind has no direction with Ketu, and when the mind is not equalized in one direction. Ketu is considered and the end piece of the viper and it is essentially of black and white color. If the Jupiter is in partnership with Ketu is the sixth house then the native will confer with endurance and their family will be happy most of the time. In extension, these natives will lead a cheerful, content and successful life. Besides, the Ketu would be highly definite if other male planets like Mars and Sun also associate it in the sixth house. When the placement of Ketu is not so friendly in the 6th house, there is a high possibility that one of the family members of the native will suffer.

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