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What is the effect of Saturn in the 12th house for a Capricorn ascendant?

  • Posted by: Abhishek Soni
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Having Saturn in the 12th house is likely one of the hardest position a native can have. Mostly if the planet is unfriendly forecast its consequence in the house of fears and limitations can lead to separation and unhappiness. As the 12th house rules panic, the existence of any hurtful planet there can encourage quite a lot of them. Saturn has a bit cold and prohibitive energy, which can lead the native to self-admiration. He is, again and again, nervous to dream, which in turn leads to desperation and sorrowful. Many times, it is Saturn’s negativity that actually keeps the individual away from attaining his inward wishes. The 12th house is responsible for the last 2 hours before birth, and Saturn’s presence may specify a lot of influence in the mother’s belly. Birth itself may be difficult, a quite awful first experience for the newborn. This arrangement may cause quite a lot of fears against life, as the native will subconsciously divide himself from the world in order to divert the more protected atmosphere of being in his mother’s body.

Saturn in the 12th house and near the Ascendant is not the best sign for health. His negative effects are even solid when hard conditions with Mars, Pluto or Uranus are confusing. In many occasions, Saturn can indicate therapy due to health problems, especially in the following phases of one’s life.

In case that Saturn is well-aspect, many of the hazards coming from this placement will be weakened. Such a natal facet will mostly point out a person who enjoys being alone, and who will actually exercise a lot better when in aloneness. It may create aware solitary or priest, while also impulse someone to abandon advancement and masses, living somewhere far from the city and spending a lot of time alone. The planet is responsible for all types of limitations and places of bounds, but this does not necessarily mean that the individual will be regrettable enough to be restricted. In fact, he may even choose a profession connected with places of aloneness. Saturn may indicate a career related to caring for senior people, either at home or in hospitals. This may absolutely feel like being imprisoned, as such senior people usually need a lot of attention and continual company.

Author: Abhishek Soni

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