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What will happen if the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are together in the 11th house?

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It is true that 11th House is for achievement, friends, the contentment of desires etc. The certainty is Venus and Mars are always close to Sun. After all, they are in one house, an opportunity is Venus and Mercury become flame and therefore become powerless to give benefit results. Firstly we will see, what these planets exactly represents. Sun represents health, education, career. Venus represents beauty desire and love. Mercury represents communication skills, logical thinking, youthfulness.

Sun in the 11th house:-

This is a dynamic placement, giving the chart holder the gift of social importance. We engage in society and those with eleventh-house suns have the improvement feeling consumed to operate social networks by utilizing their importance to make a change and achieve from the world. They are forced to achieve leadership placements in groups and many excel at public speaking, making politics an excellent career choice for these suns.On a lesser scale, eleventh-house suns are the first to create clubs in school, or as adults to lead or join an organization designed for social change.

Mercury in the 11th House:-

Quick smooth, rational, talkative and generally light on their feet in social ambiance, the chart holder with an eleventh-house Mercury has a choice. A capacity to keep topics light and exciting are other benefits of Mercury here. In arguments over social problems, Mercury can keep the record of facts and figures and keep their information correct. Mercury is found to talk and can keep the communication abstract and non-personal which compliments the eleventh house’s focus on social and group problems.

Venus in the 11th House:-

Involvement over appearing attentive and attractive in social groups is found when Venus decreases in the eleventh house. The great attempt is made to always acknowledge the social consequences of behaviors and statements. Appropriate invitations to events and “thanks yous” for gifts are essential to these chart holders. They just can’t help using proper courtesy when dealing with social groups. They don’t want to hurt the group or appear indecent or unsophisticated.

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