Mark Your Calendars: Solar Eclipse 2023 to Grace the Indian Skies

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In the year 2023, the skies over India will witness a rare celestial phenomenon – a total solar eclipse. This event will occur on April 20, 2023, and will be visible from various parts of the country.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking out the sun’s light and casting a shadow on the Earth’s surface. A total solar eclipse is a rare occurrence, happening only once every few years, and it can be witnessed only from a specific area on Earth.

The 2023 solar eclipse will be visible from the southern parts of India, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. The eclipse will start at 8:08 am and will reach its peak at 10:15 am, lasting for a total of 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

The path of totality, the area where the total solar eclipse will be visible, will be around 150 kilometers wide and will cover a distance of around 14,000 kilometers, starting from the Pacific Ocean and ending in the Atlantic Ocean.

The last time India witnessed a total solar eclipse was in 2010, which was visible from the northern parts of the country. The 2023 eclipse will be a great opportunity for people in the southern states of India to witness this rare and awe-inspiring event.

People who wish to witness the eclipse are advised to take certain precautions, as looking directly at the sun during an eclipse can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Special glasses and filters are available that can be used to view the eclipse safely.

The 2023 solar eclipse is expected to draw a large number of tourists and astronomy enthusiasts to India from all over the world. It will also be a great opportunity for scientists to conduct research and study the phenomenon in detail.

In conclusion, mark your calendars for April 20, 2023, as this will be a rare opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse in India. With proper precautions and planning, you can witness this awe-inspiring celestial event in all its glory.

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