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Saturn in 7th house   Let’s try to study the impact of Saturn or Shani in different houses depending upon the birth chart

Power Of Saturn In Astrology

Saturn in 7th house We need to deal with those affairs affected by Saturn with care and care. Saturn grants penetration and strength into course work for the rest of us and students. Saturn, the planet of misfortune, is rarely understood. Since time immemorial, it’s been regarded as the indicator of obstacles, hindrances and sorrows. Dubbed the planet of delay and jealousy, it is the belief that Saturn enriches our agonies and creates a darkness that is bewildered in our lives. This god of misery brings to mind the rigours of struggle, hard work and discipline. Positioning in our charts appears as a handicap, our suffering’s instance.

Saturn in 7th house But we could fear malefic planet effects encounters form part of the picture of the planet that is mighty and great. Knowing Saturn’s importance a study into its connection with the other planets and this planet will help us glean insight in tendencies, and in our lives. What’s the purpose of Saturns lessons? How can a thorough comprehension of Saturns function help empower us? Can comprehension help us harness the forces of the planet in our lives? How can we utilize the sources of Saturns energy that is inestimable into our advantage that is great? It that we’d like to create a study of the Saturn that is dreaded and strong.

Saturn in 7th house In astrology, we make continuous observations of the planets, because they’re in a constant state of movement, therefore continuously passing from one sign to another. We pay special attention to Saturn since it remains within one sign for about 30 months, making the motion the slowest of all recognized planets. Obviously Saturns transit is experienced differently by different individuals, owing to its influence upon their specific planetary configurations. But, irrespective of the different details of the individual chart, we may Know with certainty that Saturn will create its mighty presence felt. History and Nature of Saturn – Saturn is described as all the son of all the Sun, all the king of all planets, by his Queen Chhaya, all the shadow.

Saturn in 7th house The sun is all the creator of light, and Chhaya is an index of darkness. Saturn participates in all the apparent physical characteristics of his mother and remains dark. Saturn, being so opposed within nature to the father, Saturn or Sani is believed To be banished by sunlight. Practically, we’re well familiar with Saturns dark character. Whatever is touched by his hands becomes cold and whatever is seen by his experiences contraction. It’s said in all the Puranas that all the god Ganesh lost his head throughout the evil of his powerful planet, and afterwards, an elephant head has been transplanted into his place.


Saturn in 1st House of Birth Chart Person may be tough going, serious or hard in nature. Natives are generally not social or flexible but considered as highly responsible in terms of work. Malefic Saturn can bring problems in married life. He or she may be a rich person in society. Saturn in 7th house

Saturn in 2nd House of Birth Chart House denotes health, wealth and education. Saturn present in this house can derive native from such comforts. The person may be spiritual and siblings are highly helpful. A person is very diplomatic in nature. Saturn in 7th house 

Saturn in 3rd House of Birth Chart This is a favorable house for Saturn. Creates opportunities and it is the house of beneficial journeys and even longer life. Indicates strain relations between son and father. Natives achieve all the target or  goals in life Saturn in 7th house 

Saturn in 4th House of Birth Chart This is not considered as the favorable house for Saturn. As this house deals with happiness and comforts, therefore malefic Saturn can disturb the same. Progress is delayed and comes after much hard work. Saturn in 7th house 

Saturn in 5th House of Birth Chart This house signifies Trikona and deals with higher studies, love matters and creativity. Saturn impacts family life and malefic Saturn results gambling and court cases and even problem in the birth of children. Saturn in 7th house 

Saturn in 6th House of Birth Chart Sixth house denotes enemies, obstacles, work, injuries and many more. Saturn feels much comfortable in this house. Native’s visits to a foreign land and benefic Saturn can destroy enemies. Saturn in 7th house 

Saturn in 7th house of Birth Chart Seventh house deals with marriage and relations.  Saturn deals how strong are your relations and relationship on a long term basis. Weak Saturn delays marriages. A person is weak and rigid and success comes after the age of 36 years.

Saturn in 8th House of Birth Chart Eighth house deals with a death whereas Saturn placed in this house indicates longevity. A person is more interested in Astrology, occult science and even hidden knowledge. Native may face delay or obstacles in education.

Saturn in 9th House of Birth Chart House number nine denotes spirituality and religions. Saturn placed in this house will result native to be very religious, will abide in rituals and religions. Saturn will give good health, wealth to the native before death.

Saturn in 10th House of Birth Chart House of profession and duty. Saturn placed in this house with good aspect results native more responsible and cultured and devotes to his work and responsibilities. A person has opportunities to visit a foreign land.

Saturn in 11th House of Birth Chart This is own house of Saturn where it feels more comfortable and native gets full supports from its relatives, friends and siblings. The native will be a wealthy person in terms of property and assets

Saturn in 12th House of Birth Chart The house denotes losses and expenditure. Malefic Saturn results loss of respect, loss of honours, financial losses, loss in professions. Saturn can create various health issues resulting in emotional problems.

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