The southeast direction is good for the money plant

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  • The southeast direction is good for the money plant
  • This plant  is considered auspicious in Vastu, it increases positivity.

Vastu tips can be useful to increase the positive energy of the house and eliminate negativity. If the money plant is placed in the right direction in the house, then the environment remains positive and the obstacles related to money work can be overcome. there are some special things related to it which should always be kept in mind

The southeast is considered the fire angle Planting plants in this direction increases positive energy. The causative planet in the south-east direction is Venus. Venus is also a factor of Nine plants. The same plant should be planted in the direction of Venus. money plant

Money plant should not be placed in northeast direction i.e. Jupiter is a factor of north-east angle. Both Venus and Jupiter are enemies of each other. Due to this, the plant of Venus should not be planted in the north-east angle.

The larger the money plant, the more auspicious it is. Its leaves are considered ominous, yellow or white. That is why its bad leaves should be removed immediately. The plant should be well taken care of.

Money plant can also be kept at home. It is better to keep the money plant in water. Its water should be changed from time to time.

so it should be planted upwards. If this plant is spread on the ground, then Vastu Dosha increases.



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