Which is the best place for the picture/idol of a Sun god, inside or outside of the house according to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the photo of Lord Ganesha should be put in such a manner your eye ought to go first on it when you enter the home. Inauspicious pictures shouldn’t be on the door. You may also keep a photo of fish.

The door ought to be in the fourth section of the home from the left-hand side. Your front door must be produced of solid wood, not glass. In addition, your door should not own a temple directly facing your primary door too. The principal door of the home ought to be larger than the other doors going into the home. Vastu Shastra

Site selection for a home is the most significant thing in Vastu. Now, utilize the ability of Vastu to make your home a money magnet. The house shouldn’t be built in the form of a diamond, with the corner facing north. Hence it needs to be allowed within the home. If you’re constructing your own house, it’s not a fantastic concept to construct any room under the staircase. Vastu Shastra

When one enters the house, there shouldn’t be a wall facing the entrance. A house is quite meaningful for each and every creature and is of prime value to the couple. A house sold by somebody in distress or who’s impoverished, ought to be purchased only with caution. Vastu Shastra

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